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Jar Opener 5 in 1 Multi Function

Jar Opener 5 in 1 Multi Function

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The basic purpose of a can opener is to open up the cans with ease but the new age can opener not only complies with its basic duty but also performs many other tasks like knife sharpener, tool holder etc. Thus the can opener is proving to be more and more like an integral part in the kitchen.

keeping in mind your kitchen need we are introducing:

Jar Opener 5 in 1 Multi Function Can Opener Bottle Opener Kit with Silicone Handle

Easy to Use for Children Elderly Gadgets

Material: ABS resin

Product material: anti slip strip, rubber

Uses: open cans, jam, chili sauce, beverage bottles, bottled beer, unpack express

Product size: 19.5cm * 9cm (as shown in the figure)

Diameter of openable bottle cap: about 2.5 ~ 7cm


1. It has various functions, can open bottle caps of various sizes, and can also disassemble express delivery. It is very portable at home and suitable for the elderly

2.V-shaped design, large and small bottle caps can be opened.

3.Anti sliding thread, fit hand type, increase friction, not easy to slip.

4.Triangle point, excellent material, not easy to break, easy to pry open can.

5.Anti sliding rubber, firmly fixed cap, not easy to slip.

Note: Due to popular Demand, This product takes between 20 and 30 days to arrive.

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