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Rechargeable Door Smart Lock with Fingerprint

Rechargeable Door Smart Lock with Fingerprint

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Do you have problems with: forgetting your keys when you go out; having to take a lot of keys to the gym; elderly people often losing their keys; your children like to rummage through drawers, etc.?

Let us use padlock at now, you can bring this fingerprint padlock no matter where you want to go, Locker, Gym, Luggage, Suitcase, Handbags, School, Wardrobes, it can help you keep safety your product, no need to carry a key. Padlocks are fingerprint authentication, take the right way to authenticate your unique fingerprints!

  • [ Your Fingerprint is The Key of The Padlock ]: Smart fingerprint padlock, fingerprint recognition to unlock/lock. No need to keep extra keys or remember a combination
  • [ Easy Operation ]: Storing 10 fingerprints (Including two administrators ) per door padlock lock, which are directly managed within your thumbprint padlock. Getting rid of computer / smartphone
  • [0.5 Second Unlock, Automatic Recognition Technology]: Quick-recognition technology, smart fingerprint padlock support to identify your fingerprint quickly 360 degree angle. When the thumbprint lock is in empty status, you can use any finger to unlock, fingerprint is unique for you
  • [ IP65 Dustproof Padlock Indoor ]: Up to IP65 level home backpack lock, prevent from the dust efficiently. fingerprint lock are widely using for bag, drawer, suitcase, gym locker, cabinet, door
  • [ Enhanced Security and Cutting-edge fingerprint technology ]: Seamlessly designed in zinc-alloy metal body construction. Prevent from being pried or smashed or cut. Capacitive scanners, high penetration, excellent recognition, low misjudgment rate

Why you choose Fingerprint Padlock Keyless Anti-Theft?

1. Fingerprint Recognizer: Collect fingerprint press be recognized to unlock.

2. Micro USB Interface: The thumbprint door locks are charged by USB.

3. Support 360-degree angle fingerprint recognize.

4. Safe Fingerprint lock padlock has the features of low power consumption and long standby time.

5. The fingerprint padlock also can be working by fingerprint directly when charging.

6. Small fingerprint padlock for home indoor using: Locker, Gym lockers, Backpack, handbag, Suitcases, Golf bags, school lockers, wardrobes, warehouse, cargo and indoor other goods that you

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